Proteins: source,role and excessive consumption

Proteins are used for training and growth of muscles, tissue, hair and nails. They are essential in the diet because they supply the energy!

Proteins are essential! They are used to build muscles, nails, hair and skin, functioning of the heart and defend your body against diseases.

Their role

Proteins give you the energy to accomplish your daily tasks. After delivery, the proteins help produce breast milk. Since we can not store proteins, our diet should contain daily intake, ideally at every meal.


There are animal protein and vegetable protein. Foods high in animal protein are meat, fish, crustaceans, molluscs, eggs, milk and dairy products in general. Foods rich in vegetable proteins are cereals, legumes (soy, lentils, beans, chickpeas, split peas …), nuts and seeds.

Daily nutritional needs.

As the protein requirement varies depending on whether a child is a woman or a man, it is advisable to calculate between 15 and 20% of your daily calories in protein, divided into three meals to balance your energy needs. Pregnant women or nursing needs are increased because the energy costs are too.

excessive consumption

It appears rather infrequently in excess of protein, but in the case of people suffering from diseases with an increased consumption of amino acid hypercatabolism as AIDS, cancer, chronic infections. After surgery and convalescence, the consequences are similar to those outlined above for the deficiencies.

The excess usually leads to obesity, with a possible worsening of chronic diseases.

Food combination are to be monitored for a maximum yield of protein intake. Especially when vegetarians eat no complete protein and should therefore eat corn simultaneously with the protein source control so that it becomes complete.

Another thing that would determine whether the plant sources of protein to cook or eat in combination are soluble, foaming or emulsifying. it helps in the digestibility of the food. Eating BIOLOGICAL help make the most of amino acids (protein) foods.

Advice for nuts and seeds: Eat in moderation (about 2 servings per day), because they are very rich in fat. They are composed of about 85% fat!

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